About Marketing for Mavens

We Build Recommendation Engines

Marketing for Mavens has two core products. The first, Web Maven, uses the power of collective intelligence to anticipate visitor needs and align offers, content, and calls to action to those needs. The second, ReStream, finds the best content on Twitter and recommends articles, blog posts, and news to readers based on their interests.

Web Maven was born out of the frustration of trying to build home pages that met the broad needs of a typical corporate audience. Often, we’re forced to try to share real estate across different departments through Flash, rotating banners, or random image displays. None of this works very well which is why we began developing Web Maven. Now you don’t need to share the valuable real estate on your pages. Only the best performing content will be shown and it will be matched to each visitor so they only see the information relevant to them.

ReStream started as side project at Marketing for Mavens. We love Twitter and all of the great content that people are sharing. The problem is that it’s difficult to keep up and easy to miss something that interests you. We leveraged our expertise for building recommendation systems and built an application that used the Twitter API to help us filter the content that interests us most. We’ve made this app publicly available and continue to add new features and updates every few weeks.


    Web Maven | Leveraging the Power of Collective Intelligence

    Web Maven is designed to help Internet marketers manage, create, and target their calls to action to specific web site visitors based on their interests.

    ReStream | Content That Fits You

    ReStream helps you find the best content being shared on Twitter based on your interests. Filter information across lists, tags, and your own Twitter stream and use ReStream’s Discovery engine to find new links to share and information to read.