A/B and Version Testing Your Web Promotions and Offers

With the recent addition of link tracking, you can now perform A/B Testing (Split Testing or Version Testing as some like to call it). The easiest way to do this is by creating a new tag promotion. You can choose to not tag any of your promotions and Marketing for Mavens will randomly distribute your promotions to your visitors. This will ensure that there are no biases and that the results are based as closely on the content of your promotions as possible. You can also choose to use tags and still do A/B Testing but, to do so, the promotions you’re comparing need to use the same tags to ensure an equal distribution to a similar audience.

Once the promotions have run for several days, you can begin to compare the results across your promotions. For now, you can see how many times a promotion was displayed and see how many times a link in that promotion was clicked. In addition to these statistics, we’re currently adding more statistics and conversion tracking code to further refine the effectiveness of promotions.

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