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Why Content Management Systems Need a Brain

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

If I Only Had a Brain…

Web analytics is the brain behind your web site. It knows exactly what people are doing.

So why is it that web analytics isn’t built into every content management system? I’ve worked with several different CMS – large and small – over the years and none of them included statistical tracking and visitor analysis. CMS’ are missing their brain!

Why Do Content Management Systems need Web Analytics?

CMS’ are great at managing and publishing content for static web sites. But static web sites are like your body without a brain, they just exist. Instead, they should be dynamic and by dynamic I mean, personalized to each person visiting your site. If someone comes to your site 5 times, they shouldn’t see the same home page banner each time. The CMS should be smart enough to show a home page based on the information it learned from the person’s previous visits. This goes for all of your web pages.

Completing the Web Content – Visitor Loop

To accomplish this, a CMS should include analytics data – a brain – that it uses to control content. This would allow it to discover visitor trends and display related content and promotions based on this data.

A continuous feed back loop should be created between the CMS and the visitor. This can be done by packaging web analytics within the CMS. The CMS pushes content to the visitor and the web analytics feature reports back to the CMS on the results. Now it knows what the visitor clicked on and the next page they visit is personalize based on the their previous history and the CMS’ knowledge of what content and promotions past users in the same situation responded to.

Closed Loop, Found Brain

The loop between the CMS and the visitor is now closed and several new opportunities have opened. Your site is now engaging to your visitors. It’s personalized based on their needs and it’s easier for them to find what they want. New content is recommended based on an intelligent CMS that is constantly learning with each new visitor.

Easily Move Calls-to-Action to Different Locations on Your Web Site

Monday, June 8th, 2009

We added a new feature today to move promotions between promotion spots. Each promotion now has a drop down list of your promotion spots. Simply select the new promotion spot and save the promotion and your promotions will now show in that promotion spot on your web site.

Effective One-to-One Web Marketing

Monday, October 13th, 2008

When I talk about Marketing for Mavens, I’m often asked what the overall purpose is of the company. The easiest way to describe the it is “effective one-to-one web marketing”.

I describe it this way because over the years, web marketing is no longer effective. It has become a catch all bucket in many companies. Web Marketers are expected know how to code, design, advertise, optimize for search, analyze web reports, and gather sales leads. With all of this, we started to get away from the core purpose of web marketing which is to effectively communicate with our visitors.

Marketing for Mavens is working to change this. We realize you don’t have the time and resources to do effective one-to-one marketing on your web site. You probably have hundreds of people visiting your site every day. How do you stop and learn what each person wants and direct them to the content and promotions you offer that fulfills this want?

You do this by using Marketing for Mavens. We track what each individual is doing on your site. You simply give us the content you want to promote and we’ll make sure its displayed to the people who want to see it.

This is all done through the Marketing for Mavens web application. You select the areas on your web site where you want your targeted content, promotions, and offers to appear. Then add this content to Marketing for Mavens. Once added, we’ll automatically promote your content to your visitors based on their visitor history. The more pages they visit, the more accurately we can match your content to the needs of your visitors.

This is all done in real-time which makes your life much easier. Previously it would have been impossible for you to even think you could customize your web pages to each visitor. Now it’s as simple as entering your content into Marketing for Mavens and letting visitors actions determine what content they receive. You don’t need to worry about being all things to all people, hoping that one of promotions will eventually catch the attention of one of your visitors. Now you can make better use of the promotional spots on your site and be confident that your web site is communicating more effectively with each of your visitors.

Build Targeted Web Content Without Costly Upgrades to Your Site

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Building a site with dynamic content can greatly improve the user experience. It keeps your content fresh and it ensures that the right information is delivered to the right person when they want it.

When it comes to moving from a static to a dynamic web site there are several approaches that you can take…everything from an open source content management systems to very expensive enterprise systems to hand coding your own solution. Any of these solutions, depending on the size of your site, company, and budget, could take several months to a year to accomplish. I’ve gone down each of these paths in a corporate environment and can confirm that there are no short cuts.

As an alternative, I’ve been building Marketing for Mavens, a micro-content management system that allows you to add JavaScript code to your existing web pages (html, php, asp, etc.) giving you control over the parts or sections of a page where you want to display dynamic content.

The advantage to this is that Marketing for Mavens can assist you in the distribution of your content and promotions. It tracks your visitors similar to how any web analytics system collects visitor information. This information is then used to distribute your content based on the previous pages the person visited. In addition to this, anyone in your company can be setup with an account to update and control your dynamic content and web site promotions.

If your interested in trying out Marketing for Mavens on your site, please visit sign up for the beta coming at the end of the month.