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Deliver More Leads without Spending More on Adwords and SEO

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

When it comes to generating more sales leads, web marketers will usually look for ways to bring in more traffic. Many will go straight to Google Adwords and bump up their daily spend. Others will start new SEO campaigns. What is often overlooked is the steady flow of visitors already coming to your web site.

These are the people you should focus your attention on especially if you’re working with a small budget or one that has remained flat or decreased over the past year. Each person who comes to your site opens up the opportunity to meet a new client or customer. To do so, your content, messages, and promotions should be built to match the needs of your visitors. This ensures that they feel welcome and shows that you know and really “get” what their problems and/or needs are.

In theory this sounds great but in practice it can be very overwhelming trying to learn what hundreds or thousands of visitors each month want from you. This brings us back to why web marketers generally focus more on the masses and work on pulling in “traffic”. I think it’s time that we move beyond the masses. Mass-everything is dying in this new world of one-to-one communication and micro-niches. This is why we’ve been working so hard on Marketing for Mavens. We want to find a better way to hypertarget individual visitors that is both beneficial to you and them.

We’ve found that the best way to do this is by managing all of your promotions, niche content, persona content, and offers together in one location and then, using an algorithm, analyze your visitors based on the pages they visit, and in real-time deliver the best content that matches their needs. This simplifies the process for you and makes it easier for your visitors to find the content they want.

While visitors are browsing your site, we are gathering information on the pages they go to, where they came in from, and the content they are viewing and building profiles of each person to better understand their needs. Now, when someone completes a form on your site, you can provide additional information to your sales team other than the one PDF that was viewed or product that was downloaded. You can show a complete history of all the PDF’s, videos, downloads, etc. which will help your sales team provide a higher level of service to your potential customers and clients. From a Marketing perspective, you’ll learn which content and promotions are most active, which pages are converting the most leads, and more importantly connecting and communicating directly with your customers.

To learn more about Marketing for Mavens please visit If you want to see how hypertargeting your content can build a better user experience for your visitors and generate more leads for your sale team please join the beta currently open to all new registrations.

Web Marketing: Stop Spamming the Masses and Start Building Relationships

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

One of the problems with web marketing is that thousands of dollars are spent to bring in new visitors but only a small percentage of this is used to retain and nurture these visitors once they come to your sites.

One reason is the difficulty in building and targeting pinpoint messages, promotions, and campaigns to web visitors. Companies tend to focus all of their effort on getting the company message out to the public. The problem is “the public” is a very broad group so the content is watered down for consumption by the masses. This is not what most of your visitors are interested in.

Another reason is how difficult it can be to manage, maintain, and update content for individual web visitors. The people in the company who would best manage this content don’t have the tools and resources to access the web site and track how well campaigns and promotions are doing. Instead, they must fill out a web request form to get added to the queue. On the other hand, the web team is busy creating new pages for a product launches, managing Google Adwords campaigns, or analyzing web site statistics. They have tools that assist them in managing all of these tasks but they don’t have a tool for efficiently managing campaigns that are targeted to individuals.

A third reason is how easy it is to setup a Google Adwords campaign, show how many click-throughs your site is receiving, and stop there. You can get your ads out to the masses in just a few minutes. Then, every few weeks, you justify this spending because you can see the results in real time using the web interface or through nicely printed reports. This is great but it’s only half the battle. Wouldn’t it make more sense to take all of this great traffic you are getting from Google Adwords or search and continue to assist your visitors in finding what they want once they’re on your site?

This is why I built Marketing for Mavens. It’s a unique web application which puts the power of marketing to web visitors into the hands of those who are most capable of maintaining these campaigns. The web team can choose to keep control over the content management of the campaigns or give access to people in marketing programs or other groups within the company to handle this themselves. In addition, Marketing for Mavens tracks and tags each individual based on the pages they visit so now your company can ensure that your campaigns are matched up with right person at the right time. With Marketing for Mavens you know who your top visitors are and you can customize your messaging to them leading to quicker sales and improved visitor satisfaction.

If you are curious as to how this works please feel free to check out the demo. Marketing for Mavens is scheduled to launch a beta release in June so please sign up if you are interested in taking part.