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Why Web Site Lead Tracking is Important

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Many applications that track web site statistics, track them at a macro level. This helps you see the big picture but you miss some important details.

One of those important details is lead tracking. Lead tracking helps you understand how close a potential visitor is to becoming a lead. As a person navigates your web site, the pages they visit and the content they view gives you detail into their interests and tells how likely they are to buy your products or services. For example, people downloading or viewing demos have a higher probability of becoming a lead.

In addition to knowing how interested each visitor is in your products and services, you also see how well your site generates interest in your company. If a majority of your leads are “cold” then your content isn’t matching your visitors. However, if you find that many of your visitors are “hot” then your content is inline with visitor expectation. Lead tracking helps you to better understand your web site performance. If you’re not tracking this information, you have no idea if your content is inline with the people visiting your site.

Measuring the Success of Internet Marketing Campaigns

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Now you can measure the success of your Internet marketing campaigns and ensure that you’re spending your time, effort, and budget on the campaigns that are most effective. Tracking and analyzing your campaigns can be very time consuming, especially if you’re running these campaigns using different tools and vendors which is why we’ve simplified this process by allowing you to track all of your campaigns in one location and setting up “success criteria” to measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

Using Marketing for Mavens, all of your campaigns are tracked on a dashboard page which shows each of your marketing campaigns, your goals (success criteria), and how your campaigns are matching up to those goals. You can quickly check each day to see how your campaigns are performing and a notes field tells you how often you’ve reached your goals over the past week or month.

To get started using this new feature, you can select your “success criteria” from each campaign’s edit screen. Select as many different goals as you’d like and each of them will be tracked in real-time through out the day.

Internet Marketing Campaign Tracking and Analysis

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Internet marketing campaigns have been part of the Marketing for Mavens beta for a couple of months now. During this time we’ve continued to add new features which have expanded it’s use. Most recently, we added Twitter campaigns which allow you to directly post tweets to your Twitter account and track the URL’s through Marketing for Mavens. The next new campaign feature which will be launching soon is the ability to measure the success of your campaigns.

Measuring the Success of Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

Each campaign that you run should be measured to ensure it’s effectiveness. You don’t want to keep creating the same campaigns if they don’t work. It’s a waste of your time and resources. Instead, you should set goals for your campaigns and track them to see when and if they reach these goals. Depending on the tools you use, this can be a very tedious process which is why we’re adding this new feature to our application.

The next application update will add “success criteria” to your campaigns. You select different criteria such as visits and conversions, input the total number of responses that would measure your success, and the dashboard page will show each of your campaigns and how well they are performing each day and how well they’ve done over the last 7 or 30 days. With your success criteria set, you can quickly track your campaigns, make changes, and see, in real-time, whether your changes positively or negatively impact your campaigns.

We are testing this feature now with the expectation that it will be wrapped up later this week with an expected launch of next week. As always, if you have suggestions or features that you would like to see, please email them to us.

Internet Marketers: Quickly and Easily Ensure Your Twitter Posts Are Getting Results

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Manage and Track Twitter Campaigns with Marketing for Mavens

Today, we launched a new feature which allows you to manage and track your Twitter campaigns in Marketing for Mavens. Now you can post your tweets within the Marketing for Mavens application and have your links automatically tagged for tracking so you know which tweets referred the most people to your site and what resources they were interested in. Further, campaign promotions can be setup so that each person who responds through Twitter will see promotions that correspond to your posts.

How Do Twitter Campaigns Work?

First, go to the setting page and edit your account. Two new fields have been added for your twitter login and password. This is the Twitter account your Twitter Campaigns will post to.

Second, create a new campaign and select “twitter’ from the campaign type drop down box. Now, go into your new Twitter Campaign, you will be presented with a section called “Post Tweets” which contains two fields. One field for entering your 140 character Twitter post and a second for shortening and adding tracking code to your links.

Once you finish writing your tweet, simply click on the “Post to Twitter” button and your post will be submitted and tracked in real time.

Complete History of Twitter Posts

A complete history of all your Twitter posts can be seen from the campaign view. Each post has a visit total associated with it so you can see which posts drove the most visitors to your web site.

Who Did Twitter Send Our Way and What Did They Want?

Each visitor who comes to your web site from a Twitter Campaign is listed in the campaign view. Clicking on each visitor will give a complete history of what pages and resources they were interested in when they came to your web site.

How Do I Get Started?

Twitter Campaigns are available now as part of the free Marketing for Mavens beta. Sign up today and see how well your Twitter posts are driving people to your web site.

Top 5 Ways Marketing for Mavens is Helping Web Marketers Today

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

It’s our goal to provide the most effective solution to help match your content to your visitors, exceed your sales lead goals, determine your most effective marketing campaigns, and deliver results that you can easily track through a simple reporting system. Here are the top 5 ways Marketing for Mavens is helping you to accomplish your goals:

1. Customize Your Site to Your Visitors

Every person who comes to your site is an opportunity for your business. They are looking for product/service information, support, to solve a business problem, or investment information and each of them is going to walk away from your web site with an opinion based on how well you served them.

To serve your visitors better, we’ve created a solution that will help you match your content to their needs. As each person navigates your site, we learn more about what they want and serve your content and/or promotions that best match this need. Now each visitor receives a customized web experience tailored to their needs allowing you to market and connect more effectively with your visitors.

2. Campaign Management: One View of All Your Campaigns

Now you can manage all of your marketing campaigns in one location. Instantly see who clicked on your campaign links, see which campaigns led to the most PDF, video, and audio downloads. Know what campaigns are driving the most traffic and leads to determine the overall effectiveness of your programs.

3. Detailed Visitor Information

Know who your most loyal visitors are and determine how likely they are to become clients and customers. You can see a detailed history of each visitor on your web site, what videos they watched and documents they downloaded. A grading system is used to help you spot your hot sales leads and unique promotions can be setup per visitor to help convert them into promising leads.

4. Reporting: Just the Information You Need

We’ve focused on giving you just the statistics you need to make business decisions. A 6 month history is broken down into weekly performance for each of your promotions and conversion pages. You can see who clicked on your promotions and who completed your forms. Quickly see how your content is performing over time to determine what promotions are working and where changes need to be made.

5. Manage Limited Web Page Real Estate

We’ve all been there. There’s a constant battle for page real estate, especially on the home page. With Marketing for Mavens you can share the real estate on your web pages and feel confident that your visitors are seeing the content and promotions that are most relevant to them. Content can be displayed based on the number of visits, previous site usage, and, soon, the campaign that a particular person is responding to. You will no longer have to make compromises to display your companies promotions.

Let Us Help You…

Join the free beta and get started today!

Web Marketing Campaign Tracking

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Here’s a quick update on some new marketing campaign features that will be coming soon.

    • Linking page views to marketing campaigns. This new feature will allow you to see what page views were the result of a visitor coming to your site from a particular marketing campaign. Instead of only seeing how many click-throughs you received, you will know how many page views, what the most popular content was, and where people went once the got to your web site.
    • See exactly which PDF’s, videos, downloads, and podcasts were viewed/downloaded as a direct result of one of you marketing campaigns.
    • Create customized campaign promotions so you can seamlessly extend the story from your marketing campaign to your web site for each of your visitors.

      Not all of the features will be available at the same time. We’d prefer to make smaller more frequent updates so you can report back to us with your feedback and bugs. The goal is to make all of these features available over the next couple of weeks with the first update coming as soon as today.

      There is still time to join the free beta. Sign up today.

      View Your Web Marketing Campaigns in a Whole New Light

      Thursday, February 12th, 2009

      Web marketing tends to be made up of several different systems all creating different campaigns that don’t talk to one another. Email marketing creates campaigns in their tools, the web team creates ad and search campaigns in another system, bloggers post to yet another system, and on and on. When it comes time to measure a campaign, you find yourself tyring to pull different data from all of these systems into a single report so you can assess the effectiveness of the campaign. This is a huge problem.

      Lately, we’ve been thinking of ways that Marketing for Mavens can help solve this problem. The latest feature release which went out on Tuesday now includes campaign management. This is just the first phase but it already gives you the ability to create a campaign in Marketing for Mavens and develop a URL tracking code which you can use to track the effectiveness of your online campaigns. This is the start of what will become an in-depth measurement tool which will allow you to see:

      • how many people responded to a campaign
      • where each individual visitor went on your site
      • what PDF’s, videos, and audio files people were interested in
      • what forms were completed

      This give you significantly more knowledge and a better understanding of the effectiveness of your campaigns. You know what works and what didn’t work and you can make changes accordingly.

      This is Just the Beginning

      Phase 2 is currently underway and will give you the ability to match your web content and promotions to the campaigns people respond to. So if you send out an email campaign, you can extend the campaign to your web site by using Marketing for Mavens to provide content that’s inline with the email message. Your web site now becomes a continuation of the story.

      Detailed reporting is also coming in phase 2. Each campaign will be updated in real-time with the latest information all on one screen. Currently, individual campaign pages show you who was interested in your campaigns and you can drill down into each profile to gather more data. In phase 2, the information will be available on the campaign page so you can see all the information at quick glance.

      We are very excited about the potential that campaign management brings to Marketing for Mavens. There is a world of potential here and we’re just scratching the surface. In the end, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to manage all of your web marketing campaigns in one location. To get started, join the beta, and email us with your feedback.

      Web Marketing: Stop Spamming the Masses and Start Building Relationships

      Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

      One of the problems with web marketing is that thousands of dollars are spent to bring in new visitors but only a small percentage of this is used to retain and nurture these visitors once they come to your sites.

      One reason is the difficulty in building and targeting pinpoint messages, promotions, and campaigns to web visitors. Companies tend to focus all of their effort on getting the company message out to the public. The problem is “the public” is a very broad group so the content is watered down for consumption by the masses. This is not what most of your visitors are interested in.

      Another reason is how difficult it can be to manage, maintain, and update content for individual web visitors. The people in the company who would best manage this content don’t have the tools and resources to access the web site and track how well campaigns and promotions are doing. Instead, they must fill out a web request form to get added to the queue. On the other hand, the web team is busy creating new pages for a product launches, managing Google Adwords campaigns, or analyzing web site statistics. They have tools that assist them in managing all of these tasks but they don’t have a tool for efficiently managing campaigns that are targeted to individuals.

      A third reason is how easy it is to setup a Google Adwords campaign, show how many click-throughs your site is receiving, and stop there. You can get your ads out to the masses in just a few minutes. Then, every few weeks, you justify this spending because you can see the results in real time using the web interface or through nicely printed reports. This is great but it’s only half the battle. Wouldn’t it make more sense to take all of this great traffic you are getting from Google Adwords or search and continue to assist your visitors in finding what they want once they’re on your site?

      This is why I built Marketing for Mavens. It’s a unique web application which puts the power of marketing to web visitors into the hands of those who are most capable of maintaining these campaigns. The web team can choose to keep control over the content management of the campaigns or give access to people in marketing programs or other groups within the company to handle this themselves. In addition, Marketing for Mavens tracks and tags each individual based on the pages they visit so now your company can ensure that your campaigns are matched up with right person at the right time. With Marketing for Mavens you know who your top visitors are and you can customize your messaging to them leading to quicker sales and improved visitor satisfaction.

      If you are curious as to how this works please feel free to check out the demo. Marketing for Mavens is scheduled to launch a beta release in June so please sign up if you are interested in taking part.