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Why Content Management Systems Need a Brain

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

If I Only Had a Brain…

Web analytics is the brain behind your web site. It knows exactly what people are doing.

So why is it that web analytics isn’t built into every content management system? I’ve worked with several different CMS – large and small – over the years and none of them included statistical tracking and visitor analysis. CMS’ are missing their brain!

Why Do Content Management Systems need Web Analytics?

CMS’ are great at managing and publishing content for static web sites. But static web sites are like your body without a brain, they just exist. Instead, they should be dynamic and by dynamic I mean, personalized to each person visiting your site. If someone comes to your site 5 times, they shouldn’t see the same home page banner each time. The CMS should be smart enough to show a home page based on the information it learned from the person’s previous visits. This goes for all of your web pages.

Completing the Web Content – Visitor Loop

To accomplish this, a CMS should include analytics data – a brain – that it uses to control content. This would allow it to discover visitor trends and display related content and promotions based on this data.

A continuous feed back loop should be created between the CMS and the visitor. This can be done by packaging web analytics within the CMS. The CMS pushes content to the visitor and the web analytics feature reports back to the CMS on the results. Now it knows what the visitor clicked on and the next page they visit is personalize based on the their previous history and the CMS’ knowledge of what content and promotions past users in the same situation responded to.

Closed Loop, Found Brain

The loop between the CMS and the visitor is now closed and several new opportunities have opened. Your site is now engaging to your visitors. It’s personalized based on their needs and it’s easier for them to find what they want. New content is recommended based on an intelligent CMS that is constantly learning with each new visitor.

New Web Marketing Widgets

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Now you can provide “related content” sections on your web pages that are customized to each individual visitor. We’ve created 2 new JavaScript codes which you can add after your Marketing for Mavens JavaScript code to display the top 5 PDF’s based on a visitor’s history and the overall popularity of the PDF’s on your site and another which displays the most relevant PDF’s based just on the visitor’s history.  We’ll be building more widgets but for now, please test these new widgets and provide feedback, good or bad, on how well they work for you.

To add these new widgets simply use the following JavaScript codes highlighted below:

<!-- Marketing for Mavens Code -->
<script type="text/javascript">var accountid="0"; var yourdomain=""; var form_name="name_of_form";</script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- End Marketing for Mavens Code-->

Then add 2 new <div> tags where you want the content to be displayed.

<div id="top5pdfs"></div>
<div id="matchedpdfs"></div>

Integrating Content Management Systems with Web Analytics Data

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

One of the problems which Marketing for Mavens solves is that content management systems and a separate web analytics applications don’t talk to one another.

Every day your content management system pushes out the same content to the same people and it doesn’t know whether that person has visited your site in the past or what they were looking for. Instead, web marketers are left looking at reports on a monthly basis and then trying to configure the site content accordingly. This response is far too slow and you’re reacting to the masses and not individual visitors.

Marketing for Mavens helps to solve this problem by tagging you’re visitors based on the web pages they view. It then knows each visitors interests and can push the appropriate promotions and content to them in real time based on these interests. Now your site can be personalized to your visitors without them having to register for your site. This is important as you can now target your content and messages to only the visitors interested in seeing it. If you are interested in seeing how Marketing for Mavens can help you to manage your web content and promotions and deliver them to targeted visitors, please check our our short demo video and join or beta program.

Beta Coming in June

Friday, May 16th, 2008

I’ve decided to push the beta release of Marketing for Mavens to June. The application is coming along nicely and could be ready at the end of May but I feel that taking a couple of extra weeks to add some additional features is going to be well worth the delay.

I’ve been using the application for the past month on some my personal sites and I’m quite impressed by how well it’s working. One feature I’ve been testing is the ability to push the same content across multiple web sites. Using Marketing for Mavens, I can create a promotion that shows up on Blogger,, and almost any other site where some JavaScript code can be added to the bottom of a web page. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for content distribution using one simple tool.

As the weeks progress, I’ll continue to fill you in on the latest new features and update you on the progress being made. It’s very excited for me to see everything coming together and I look forward to sharing this application with you soon.

Quick Update

Monday, May 5th, 2008

We’ve had a couple of bugs that have slowed down development over the past couple of weeks but they have been resolved. We’re still targeting an end of month launch of the beta. If you’re interested find out more, please check out our sneak peak demo. This 10 minute demo will give you an idea of how we’re using our web content management system to distribute custom content to visitors.

Custom Web Content Distribution: Demo Now Available

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

After some delay, I’ve posted the demo to our web site. The demo takes you through the “getting started” process showing what it takes to open an account, setup page tracking, build tags, and analyze visitors to distribute custom web content. The full demo takes about 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please post your comments here or email me at

View the demo.

Coming Soon: Video Tutorial on Combining Web Analytics with Web Content Management

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

One of my goals for the next week or so is to put together a walk-through tutorial. This will show you how to setup a new account, develop custom content, and install a couple of lines of code to get everything up and running.

I also need to update the web site. The current site doesn’t do justice for what this application is all about which is, taking advantage of the information you receive from how people interact with your web site and delivering custom content to them as they need it. For now, feel free to submit your email so you can be notified when important updates arrive including information on the limited beta going live in May.