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Web Traffic Watch Launches Today

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I’m very excited to tell you that the Web Traffic Watch beta has gone live. Web Traffic Watch allows you to view visitor activity to your web site in near real-time. As visitors come to your site, they pop up in Web Traffic Watch. For each visitor you will see the url of the page they are visiting along with their lead score, page view total, and referring site information.

You can join the Web Traffic Watch beta today. Since this is a limited beta we will email you when you’ve been selected to participate. We have chosen to limit the beta in the beginning to ensure that we don’t overload our servers. The last thing we want is a poor user experience but we hope to have all of our beta participants using the app as soon as possible.

Web Traffic Watch Launch Date

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Visualize Visitor Activity in Near Real-Time

Web Traffic Watch is set to go live on September 23. I’m completing a few bugs and finalizing some tweaks but everything is coming together.

For those unfamiliar with Web Traffic Watch, it’s a web app that allows you to view your web site traffic in near real-time. Visitor information pops up when new people come to your site and each profile is updated as the person continues to explore. You see what page they visited, their “lead” score, total pages visited, and the referring site. The site is design to fit perfectly on your iPhone. Join the beta by completing the Web Traffic Watch form.

Monitor Your Web Site Traffic in Real-Time

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Join the Wait List – Beta Starts in September

Web Traffic WatchWe are fast approaching the Web Tracking Watch application launch. Soon you will be able to watch your visitor traffic in real-time in what we like to call a lite-app – a 320px wide application which runs in it’s own window or on your iPhone.

The benefit of a “lite-app” is you can push it to the side of your screen so you can work and watch your site traffic at the same time.

With Web Traffic Watch you will see:

  • Visitors interacting with your site in near real-time (refreshes within 10 seconds)
  • How many pages each visitor has visited
  • What site referred each visitor
  • What the last page was that each visitor visited
  • Level of visitor interest – lead tracking color codes each profile to show “hot” and “cold” leads
  • Total number of visits for the current day
  • Total number of conversions for the current day

Web Traffic Watch will be a limited beta when it launches in September. To get on the wait list, please visit the Web Traffic Watch beta page and sign up today.

Join Wait List

Web Traffic Watch

Friday, August 14th, 2009

We continue to make progress on our new tool for watching visitor traffic on your site. We’re currently working on the user interface and working out some of the bugs.

Next week we’ll be adding a form for people to join the Web Traffic Watch beta. This will be very limited in the beginning due to the load it puts on the servers. If you want to join this beta you will need to be part of the Marketing for Mavens beta. You can sign up for the Marketing for Mavens beta today and be ready to get in on the Web Traffic Watch beta when it starts in a few weeks.