How to Add an Automated "Popular Content" Plugin to Any Web Site

Popular ContentA new widget that adds a “popular content” section to any page on your web site is now available for members. This adds a listing of the top 5 pages of your site based the number of page views a page has received. It’s great for recommending other content to visitors that they might be interested in.


  1. First you need to select the pages you want to display within the widget. To do this, log into your Marketing for Mavens account and go to the “web tracking” tab.
  2. Next, browse to any of the pages you have listed here and click on “edit” or “create new”. When you add a new page or edit an existing page you will see a new check box called “suggest to visitors”. Any page that has the “suggest to visitors” box checked may be displayed in the popular content widget.
  3. Now add the following JavaScript code after your Marketing for Mavens code: <script>getWidgetFeed(“popularcontent”);</script>

    <!– Marketing for Mavens Code –>
    <script type=”text/javascript”>var accountid=”XX”; var yourdomain=”";</script>
    <script src=”http://marketingformavens/js/mfm.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

  4. Next add the following HTML code to your page(s) where you want the widget to display: <div id=”popcontent”></div>

Now when you go to this page, you will receive a list of your most popular web pages. The list will include up to 5 links and it won’t show a link for the page you’re currently on.

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