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How the Real-Time Web Will Impact Internet Marketing

Monday, October 12th, 2009

The real-time web has become the buzz word of the day.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook have made it easier and faster to consume media, causing a shift in our expectations. We want any and all information as soon as possible and we find it difficult to extract ourselves from these rivers of information.

Articles written month or even weeks ago are considered old news and this isn’t good if you’re still managing your web site like it’s 2004.

The real-time web is here and growing. Don’t let your site be left behind.

You Need to Boost Quantity from Quality

With the rise of the real-time web, people are less likely to go to your corporate web site. This isn’t news, it’s been happening since the beginning of the decade when RSS reduced the need to visit your favorite web sites each day looking for new content.

The real-time web leverages this even further.

If you’ve used Twitter or Facebook you know exactly what I mean. You’re receiving updates and recommendation from hundreds of people on what to watch, read, and listen to. The human network has taken over and it’s funneling everything to you without searching on Google.

This opens up a huge opportunity for Internet marketers but it requires more work and extra planning.

Content has always been a web sites greatest asset. But now you need to think about how you can break it up into smaller pieces that can be shared and reused through other channels.

For example, that new product page you just created should also be condensed down into an interesting 140 character Tweet, a Facebook update, and maybe a 30 second demo showing off the best new feature. You want as much content from your web site pushed out into your “cloud site” – your companies content that is floating in different areas of the Internet. It’s photos on Flickr, articles on Digg, and bookmarks in delicious.

This strategy helps you to effectively use the real-time web to to scatter breadcrumbs across the Internet leading people back to your web site but how will you know if it’s working?

Real-Time Web Analytics

To deal with the changes that the real-time web brings, companies are developing real-time analytics programs. Gone are the days when we waited for log files to run to process the previous days statistics.

The real-time web ensures that we respond to visitors faster than ever before. Waiting days or weeks to see how a campaign performed is no longer necessary. With real-time web analytics we can respond to visitors instantly. Dashboards keep us up-to-date on how each campaign is performing and the smallest changes can be seen, corrected, and tested within minutes.

Integrated into real-time analytics will be information coming from outside of your web site. Since most real-time web applications use shorter messages – and character limits – URL shorteners have become very popular. This is fantastic for Internet marketers as these service give statistics on how your links are being shared.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of downsides to this which will be fixed over time. Right now there are too many URL shortening services. This fragments your statistics across different services making it difficult to see the big picture. The second is that these statistics aren’t available within your current web analytics program. You’re going to have to do some searching to get the information you need.

Overtime, the real-time web is going to dramatically shift how we think about corporate web sites and how we build corporate content. We’re already seeing this now. It’s up to you to experiment and learn how to leverage real-time technology before web site and your company are left behind.

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Top 5 Ways Marketing for Mavens is Helping Web Marketers Today

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

It’s our goal to provide the most effective solution to help match your content to your visitors, exceed your sales lead goals, determine your most effective marketing campaigns, and deliver results that you can easily track through a simple reporting system. Here are the top 5 ways Marketing for Mavens is helping you to accomplish your goals:

1. Customize Your Site to Your Visitors

Every person who comes to your site is an opportunity for your business. They are looking for product/service information, support, to solve a business problem, or investment information and each of them is going to walk away from your web site with an opinion based on how well you served them.

To serve your visitors better, we’ve created a solution that will help you match your content to their needs. As each person navigates your site, we learn more about what they want and serve your content and/or promotions that best match this need. Now each visitor receives a customized web experience tailored to their needs allowing you to market and connect more effectively with your visitors.

2. Campaign Management: One View of All Your Campaigns

Now you can manage all of your marketing campaigns in one location. Instantly see who clicked on your campaign links, see which campaigns led to the most PDF, video, and audio downloads. Know what campaigns are driving the most traffic and leads to determine the overall effectiveness of your programs.

3. Detailed Visitor Information

Know who your most loyal visitors are and determine how likely they are to become clients and customers. You can see a detailed history of each visitor on your web site, what videos they watched and documents they downloaded. A grading system is used to help you spot your hot sales leads and unique promotions can be setup per visitor to help convert them into promising leads.

4. Reporting: Just the Information You Need

We’ve focused on giving you just the statistics you need to make business decisions. A 6 month history is broken down into weekly performance for each of your promotions and conversion pages. You can see who clicked on your promotions and who completed your forms. Quickly see how your content is performing over time to determine what promotions are working and where changes need to be made.

5. Manage Limited Web Page Real Estate

We’ve all been there. There’s a constant battle for page real estate, especially on the home page. With Marketing for Mavens you can share the real estate on your web pages and feel confident that your visitors are seeing the content and promotions that are most relevant to them. Content can be displayed based on the number of visits, previous site usage, and, soon, the campaign that a particular person is responding to. You will no longer have to make compromises to display your companies promotions.

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