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Referrer Tracking: How do people find your site?

Friday, August 14th, 2009

One question that every web site owner wants to know is “how do people find my web site”? Luckily there is a simple solution if you’re using a web analytics tool to track your site statistics.

The referrer stat tells you what web sites referred the most people to your site. This stat will list the URL’s of the sites who are sending you traffic. This gives you a great understanding as whether the search engine optimization you are doing is working or if the banner ad you’re running on a blog site is performing well.

Another important statistic which goes along with referrer is the keyword or search word statistic. This stat tells you exactly what a visitor typed into a search engine which led to them finding your site. You want to make sure that they keyword you’ve optimized your site for show up in this statistic. If not, you know there is work to be done. When you put the referrer and keyword stats together, you have a powerful way of understanding how people are finding your web site.

Dashboard Update: Search Keywords included with Referrer Data

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

The dashboard page now includes the keywords a visitor searched on to reach your web site. This information is located in the referrer section. Each referrer includes its own set of keywords so you know where a person came from and what search terms they used.

New Feature: Track Referrer and Search Words

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

A new feature has been added which allows you to see if your visitors found your site through Google or Yahoo and what keywords they used. This information is now listed in the citizen profile. For now, the code only looks for Google and Yahoo user but it will be expanded in the future to include other search engines and paid advertising campaigns.