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Read Your News Later When The Time is Right

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Today we added a new read later feature to Restream. If you’re browsing through the headlines and you spot something you like but don’t have time to read it, simply click on the read later button (below each post) and save it to read at a later time. To access your read later page, click on the read later link located under your name in the navigation. Enjoy!

Increase Sales Leads without Increasing Traffic

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Every person who visits your web site is a potential sales lead. Too many companies focus on the hard part which is increasing traffic each month to increase the number of leads they receive. Instead, focus on what you already have. If you have 1000 people visiting your site each day, your site should be focused on turning each one of these visitors in to a lead.

It’s simple math. If you have 1000 visitors per day and your conversion rate is 2%, your site is acquiring 20 leads per day. Now let’s say you focus your efforts on improving your marketing to your 1000 visitors per day by customizing your web site to each visitor’s specific needs. Not only does this improve the overall satisfaction of each of your visitors but it leads to a 4% conversion rate on your site. Now you receive 40 leads per day. Isn’t the much more likely to happen and easier to do then trying to double your daily traffic to receive the same number of leads? In the first instance, you have the control. In the other, you’re relying on outside help (search engines, advertising, etc.).

Next time you try to find new ways to increase your traffic, remember, the number of visitors doesn’t matter as much as how well you treat them when they come in. Focus on what matters most, the visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Effective One-to-One Web Marketing

Monday, October 13th, 2008

When I talk about Marketing for Mavens, I’m often asked what the overall purpose is of the company. The easiest way to describe the it is “effective one-to-one web marketing”.

I describe it this way because over the years, web marketing is no longer effective. It has become a catch all bucket in many companies. Web Marketers are expected know how to code, design, advertise, optimize for search, analyze web reports, and gather sales leads. With all of this, we started to get away from the core purpose of web marketing which is to effectively communicate with our visitors.

Marketing for Mavens is working to change this. We realize you don’t have the time and resources to do effective one-to-one marketing on your web site. You probably have hundreds of people visiting your site every day. How do you stop and learn what each person wants and direct them to the content and promotions you offer that fulfills this want?

You do this by using Marketing for Mavens. We track what each individual is doing on your site. You simply give us the content you want to promote and we’ll make sure its displayed to the people who want to see it.

This is all done through the Marketing for Mavens web application. You select the areas on your web site where you want your targeted content, promotions, and offers to appear. Then add this content to Marketing for Mavens. Once added, we’ll automatically promote your content to your visitors based on their visitor history. The more pages they visit, the more accurately we can match your content to the needs of your visitors.

This is all done in real-time which makes your life much easier. Previously it would have been impossible for you to even think you could customize your web pages to each visitor. Now it’s as simple as entering your content into Marketing for Mavens and letting visitors actions determine what content they receive. You don’t need to worry about being all things to all people, hoping that one of promotions will eventually catch the attention of one of your visitors. Now you can make better use of the promotional spots on your site and be confident that your web site is communicating more effectively with each of your visitors.

A/B and Version Testing Your Web Promotions and Offers

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

With the recent addition of link tracking, you can now perform A/B Testing (Split Testing or Version Testing as some like to call it). The easiest way to do this is by creating a new tag promotion. You can choose to not tag any of your promotions and Marketing for Mavens will randomly distribute your promotions to your visitors. This will ensure that there are no biases and that the results are based as closely on the content of your promotions as possible. You can also choose to use tags and still do A/B Testing but, to do so, the promotions you’re comparing need to use the same tags to ensure an equal distribution to a similar audience.

Once the promotions have run for several days, you can begin to compare the results across your promotions. For now, you can see how many times a promotion was displayed and see how many times a link in that promotion was clicked. In addition to these statistics, we’re currently adding more statistics and conversion tracking code to further refine the effectiveness of promotions.

Seth Godin: Marketing Genius or Self-Promoter

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Seth Godin posted a short blog today on an article about himself in Business Week. It’s interesting to see the divide between people who are Godin addicts and those the think he’s nothing more than a self promoter. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy his books and have read every one of them but you need to go into them with a certain mind set. You can’t expect a step by step guide to Marketing. The truth of the matter is that there isn’t one. For example, how can you write a book about becoming a “purple cow” and then provide “five easy steps” to accomplishing it? If there were five easy steps and everyone followed them, then you wouldn’t be a “purple cow” would you? You’d be like everyone else. That’s the beauty of Godin’s books. He provides the foundation and the principles to great marketing. He gets the wheels spinning in your head. It’s then up to you, as the reader, to figure out how these thoughts and ideas fit your unique situation and develop a Marketing strategy that stands above the noise.