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Deliver More Leads without Spending More on Adwords and SEO

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

When it comes to generating more sales leads, web marketers will usually look for ways to bring in more traffic. Many will go straight to Google Adwords and bump up their daily spend. Others will start new SEO campaigns. What is often overlooked is the steady flow of visitors already coming to your web site.

These are the people you should focus your attention on especially if you’re working with a small budget or one that has remained flat or decreased over the past year. Each person who comes to your site opens up the opportunity to meet a new client or customer. To do so, your content, messages, and promotions should be built to match the needs of your visitors. This ensures that they feel welcome and shows that you know and really “get” what their problems and/or needs are.

In theory this sounds great but in practice it can be very overwhelming trying to learn what hundreds or thousands of visitors each month want from you. This brings us back to why web marketers generally focus more on the masses and work on pulling in “traffic”. I think it’s time that we move beyond the masses. Mass-everything is dying in this new world of one-to-one communication and micro-niches. This is why we’ve been working so hard on Marketing for Mavens. We want to find a better way to hypertarget individual visitors that is both beneficial to you and them.

We’ve found that the best way to do this is by managing all of your promotions, niche content, persona content, and offers together in one location and then, using an algorithm, analyze your visitors based on the pages they visit, and in real-time deliver the best content that matches their needs. This simplifies the process for you and makes it easier for your visitors to find the content they want.

While visitors are browsing your site, we are gathering information on the pages they go to, where they came in from, and the content they are viewing and building profiles of each person to better understand their needs. Now, when someone completes a form on your site, you can provide additional information to your sales team other than the one PDF that was viewed or product that was downloaded. You can show a complete history of all the PDF’s, videos, downloads, etc. which will help your sales team provide a higher level of service to your potential customers and clients. From a Marketing perspective, you’ll learn which content and promotions are most active, which pages are converting the most leads, and more importantly connecting and communicating directly with your customers.

To learn more about Marketing for Mavens please visit If you want to see how hypertargeting your content can build a better user experience for your visitors and generate more leads for your sale team please join the beta currently open to all new registrations.

SEO: What Are You Doing With the Traffic That Comes to Your Site?

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

It’s a tough economy for most companies. Layoffs and budget cuts are happening everywhere and companies are being forced to do more with less. Web Marketing has picked up as the web is a cheaper way to reach customers by providing a higher return on your investment. SEO, in particular, has become an even hotter topic as the focus turns towards “free” and “low cost” ways to promote a company and drive traffic. However, driving traffic is only part of the equation. It’s what you do with this traffic once people get to your site that really matters.

At Marketing for Mavens, we’ve worked hard over the past year to deliver a product that helps you do more with less while also providing a better user experience for the people visiting your web site. If your traffic was to remain the same for the next year, our service will help you make the most of that traffic, helping you drive more leads than ever before.

Marketing for Mavens matches your promotions and offers to each individual visitor based on the pages they view on your web site. This allows you to target your content more effectively while providing a better user experience. This is an automated process. You provide the content and Marketing for Mavens will match it to your visitors. It’s simple to setup and you can be testing the effectiveness of our service in a matter of minutes.

We are currently offering a free beta program that is running through the next few months. Once the beta ends (targeting March 09), the service will continue to be available for free with some limitations. Let us help you make the most of your marketing budget and see how matching your promotions to your visitors can more effectively help you turn visitors and happy customers.

Easily Improve Your Web Site's Conversion Rates Today

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The easiest and best way to improve the conversion rates on your web site is to ensure that your callouts, promotions, ads (or whatever else you like to call them…) are in alignment with the needs of the people viewing them. This isn’t rocket science but it isn’t something that is easily done on most web sites.

For starters, you need to have a way to manage your promotions. This can be done through most content management systems. Then you need to track each individual visitor on your site so you can learn about their specific needs. Very few web analytics packages go into this level of detail. Finally, you need a way to process each person’s visitor history in real-time and display the promotion that best matches that visitor’s need when a new web page loads. Again, there aren’t that many options. When you tie these 3 pieces together you have a powerful system for increasing the conversion rates on your web site.

What we’ve done with Marketing for Mavens is put these 3 pieces together in a single package where you can easily manage all of the promotions on your web site. Our tracking code builds a visitor history which allows us to automatically display your most relevant promotions to each visitor in real time. Now, several promotions can share the same real esate on your web pages and you can be confident knowing that each time a promotion is displayed, it is targeted to a specific visitor that wants that information. This will lead to an increase in your conversion rates providing your sales team with more leads. Right now, Marketing for Mavens can be tried for free by signing up for the current beta program.

Sign up today to see how your conversion rates can be improved by matching your promotions to the needs of your visitors.

Increase Sales Leads without Increasing Traffic

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Every person who visits your web site is a potential sales lead. Too many companies focus on the hard part which is increasing traffic each month to increase the number of leads they receive. Instead, focus on what you already have. If you have 1000 people visiting your site each day, your site should be focused on turning each one of these visitors in to a lead.

It’s simple math. If you have 1000 visitors per day and your conversion rate is 2%, your site is acquiring 20 leads per day. Now let’s say you focus your efforts on improving your marketing to your 1000 visitors per day by customizing your web site to each visitor’s specific needs. Not only does this improve the overall satisfaction of each of your visitors but it leads to a 4% conversion rate on your site. Now you receive 40 leads per day. Isn’t the much more likely to happen and easier to do then trying to double your daily traffic to receive the same number of leads? In the first instance, you have the control. In the other, you’re relying on outside help (search engines, advertising, etc.).

Next time you try to find new ways to increase your traffic, remember, the number of visitors doesn’t matter as much as how well you treat them when they come in. Focus on what matters most, the visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer.