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Twitter Growth Strong Despite Increased Competition

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Twitter has received a lot negative publicity lately. The number of new registrations has dropped dramatically over the past couple of months. Despite this, Twitter continues to have an impressive amount of “tweets” or messages sent across its service and it continues to grow.

Last week Twitter crossed the 9 billion tweet mark. Incredible considering Twitter crossed the 5 billion mark just 4 months ago. Averaging over 300 million tweets per week means that Twitter will hit the 10 billion mark at the beginning of March.

Other statistics from the past week:

  • Tweets per week increased of 5% over previous week
  • 47,455,890 Tweets per Day
  • 1,977,329 Tweets per Hour
  • 32,955 Tweets per Minute
  • 549 Tweets per Second

Right now, it takes just over 3 weeks to add 1 billion tweets. Twitter didn’t pass the 1 billion tweet mark until November of 2008. It took them another year to add another 4 billion tweets. At the current pace, they’ll easily add another 12+ billion this year.

Clearly, Twitter is still a very popular service and it is continuing to grow. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll see if they can continue to keep this momentum or if services such as Google Buzz will start to eat away at it’s popularity.