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Measuring the Success of Internet Marketing Campaigns

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Now you can measure the success of your Internet marketing campaigns and ensure that you’re spending your time, effort, and budget on the campaigns that are most effective. Tracking and analyzing your campaigns can be very time consuming, especially if you’re running these campaigns using different tools and vendors which is why we’ve simplified this process by allowing you to track all of your campaigns in one location and setting up “success criteria” to measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

Using Marketing for Mavens, all of your campaigns are tracked on a dashboard page which shows each of your marketing campaigns, your goals (success criteria), and how your campaigns are matching up to those goals. You can quickly check each day to see how your campaigns are performing and a notes field tells you how often you’ve reached your goals over the past week or month.

To get started using this new feature, you can select your “success criteria” from each campaign’s edit screen. Select as many different goals as you’d like and each of them will be tracked in real-time through out the day.

Internet Marketing Campaign Tracking and Analysis

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Internet marketing campaigns have been part of the Marketing for Mavens beta for a couple of months now. During this time we’ve continued to add new features which have expanded it’s use. Most recently, we added Twitter campaigns which allow you to directly post tweets to your Twitter account and track the URL’s through Marketing for Mavens. The next new campaign feature which will be launching soon is the ability to measure the success of your campaigns.

Measuring the Success of Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

Each campaign that you run should be measured to ensure it’s effectiveness. You don’t want to keep creating the same campaigns if they don’t work. It’s a waste of your time and resources. Instead, you should set goals for your campaigns and track them to see when and if they reach these goals. Depending on the tools you use, this can be a very tedious process which is why we’re adding this new feature to our application.

The next application update will add “success criteria” to your campaigns. You select different criteria such as visits and conversions, input the total number of responses that would measure your success, and the dashboard page will show each of your campaigns and how well they are performing each day and how well they’ve done over the last 7 or 30 days. With your success criteria set, you can quickly track your campaigns, make changes, and see, in real-time, whether your changes positively or negatively impact your campaigns.

We are testing this feature now with the expectation that it will be wrapped up later this week with an expected launch of next week. As always, if you have suggestions or features that you would like to see, please email them to us.

How Marketing for Mavens Simplifies Web Marketing

Monday, April 20th, 2009

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to highlight the core sections of the Marketing for Mavens web app.

Dashboard: Highlights the daily health of your web site. Quickly see what programs and promotions are performing well and what ones need your attention. The dashboard view keeps you informed of what is going on with your web site

Campaigns: Track your web marketing campaigns. Determine which campaigns are most effective by seeing how many visitors came to your site from each campaign and what and where they went afterwords. See how many downloads, videos, and audio files were clicked as a result of your campaigns.

Web Tracking: Add the web pages and resources that you want to track on your web site. Web page tracking allows you to tag pages and determine the “value” of a page by assigning a points to it. When a person visits this page, they are assigned these tags and the point value is added to their total points. A person’s total points helps you determine how “hot” a lead is and the tags determine their interests. Resource tracking is similar to page tracking but it is also used to build the related content widget. This widget is used to suggest resources that a person may be interested in based on your site usage history.

Promotions: Promotions can be any html code that is distributed to an individual visitor based on their interaction with your web site. Typically, promotions are marketing calls-to-action which are displayed to individuals based on some knowledge of what that person is looking for, but they can also be small sections of content, banner graphics, and other unique content. Instead of always displaying the same promotions to every visitor in the same location on your site, you can display only the promotions that are relevant to each visitor based on their tag history.

Citizens: A complete history of all of the visitors who have come to your web site. See exactly what pages each visitor clicked on, what resources they were interested in, their tag history, and lead status.

Reports: A 6 month history broken out to show conversions ber week, promotion activity per week, and RSS usage.

You may sign up for free and get started today.

Update: Marketing Campaign Tracking and UI Changes Coming Soon

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

I wanted to post a quick update on where we’re at since it’s been a little while. The past couple of weeks have been filled with updating the promotion tracking interface and adding the ability to track marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaign tracking will be a significant addition to Marketing for Mavens. It will allow you to track your visitors across all of your campaigns. For example, if someone visits your site from an email campaign, you will see when they came in, where they went, and what they were interested in. Even more importantly, we are working on a system to expand your campaigns to your web site. So if you have a message you’re using in the email campaign, you can seamlessly advance the story using your web site and your Marketing for Maven’s promotion spots.

We are very excited about the potential of adding campaign tracking. It will not only help you see the value of your campaigns but also help you build better connections with your visitors by delivering a customized content experience. We hope to have the first phase of campaign tracking available within the next couple of weeks. This will be the last major enhancement to Marketing for Mavens before we come out of beta in the March/April time frame.

Reports Now Track RSS Feeds

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

You can now track RSS feeds (one for now) and see a weekly total of the number of posts over the past 6 months. The purpose is to give you the ability to see if spikes in conversions or promotion activity on your site is related to the number of blog posts, events, press releases, etc. running for that week. This gives you insight into the latest trends and helps you discover new ways to improve your marketing tactics.

RSS feeds can be added through the settings page. It can take a couple of hours before your feed is archived so it may take some time before the results show on your report page.