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Mining Twitter for Gold

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Finding the 27% of Tweets that Have Value

A recent study by ReadWriteWeb has shown that only 27% of tweets contain information with some value. Many people will point to this and use it to dismiss Twitter as worthwhile platform. However, this number comes from Twitter’s flexibility. Some people use it to keep in touch with friends, others use it break news. Some use Twitter for advertising and others use it for sharing information they find on blogs.

It’s this last group that’s the most interesting. It’s the human web. It’s people finding information and sharing it that adds value where search engines can not.

The problem is finding the tweets that make up this 27% of the stream that holds information of value. Further, 27% doesn’t sound like much until you realize it’s 70+ million tweets per week. The best information on Twitter amounts to a needle in haystack.

This points to the growing need for filters and recommendation engines for the real-time web. Last week I posted on micro filters and I believe this post by ReadWriteWeb further emphasizes this need.

To leverage the value that Twitter and the whole real-time web hold, we need better tools. We need more filters that go beyond the basics; Twitter lists, follower lists, and individual favorites. For example, value can be attributed to the number of people sharing the same content or  the credibility and clout of those sharing it.

If the web is going to evolve beyond search, micro filters will play a huge part in it but filters alone are not the answer.

Recommendation systems are the other piece of the puzzle. They’re needed to understand user behaviors; what people like and don’t like, what they favorite, what they read, and what they share. Recommendation systems leverage this data and combine it with filters to find the best information that people want to read. This helps us to take a full advantage of the real-time web without becoming overwhelmed.

To solve the problem of finding the 27% of Tweets that have some value, filters will be used to narrow the stream of information. Then recommendation systems, which have some insight into our past behavior, will be able to narrow the focus even further by taking the information output by these filters and funnel it to us based on our interests. This means that we’ll all be giving up some privacy on the web but it’s a trade off we’ll need to make to keep up with the barrage of information.

SEO: What Are You Doing With the Traffic That Comes to Your Site?

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

It’s a tough economy for most companies. Layoffs and budget cuts are happening everywhere and companies are being forced to do more with less. Web Marketing has picked up as the web is a cheaper way to reach customers by providing a higher return on your investment. SEO, in particular, has become an even hotter topic as the focus turns towards “free” and “low cost” ways to promote a company and drive traffic. However, driving traffic is only part of the equation. It’s what you do with this traffic once people get to your site that really matters.

At Marketing for Mavens, we’ve worked hard over the past year to deliver a product that helps you do more with less while also providing a better user experience for the people visiting your web site. If your traffic was to remain the same for the next year, our service will help you make the most of that traffic, helping you drive more leads than ever before.

Marketing for Mavens matches your promotions and offers to each individual visitor based on the pages they view on your web site. This allows you to target your content more effectively while providing a better user experience. This is an automated process. You provide the content and Marketing for Mavens will match it to your visitors. It’s simple to setup and you can be testing the effectiveness of our service in a matter of minutes.

We are currently offering a free beta program that is running through the next few months. Once the beta ends (targeting March 09), the service will continue to be available for free with some limitations. Let us help you make the most of your marketing budget and see how matching your promotions to your visitors can more effectively help you turn visitors and happy customers.