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Banned Again From Twitter

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Update: Our account is back. Twitter got back to us much quicker than before. Just a few days instead of several weeks. We’ve modified @ReStreamAlerts to send out updates 4 times a day instead of hourly. Hopefully this change and a few others currently in the works will prevent the suspension bot from hitting us.

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How to Share the Tweets You Favorite

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Make the most of the tweets you favorite by making them easier to browse and share.

One of the most overlooked features of Twitter is Twitter favorites. You can favorite any post in Twitter that you like or you want to reference at a later date. The problem with Twitter favorites is the more you use them, the harder it is to reference them later. You can only scroll through them in a descending date order.

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Adding Value to Twitter Favorites Through Filtering

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Favoriting tweets is one of the most under-used features of Twitter but one of the most valuable. I use Twitter favorites for bookmarking content. If there’s a link I like or some content I want to read, I favorite it so I can reference it later. Unfortunately, the more you use favorites as bookmarks the harder it is to use.

The downside to Twitter favorites is that you can only look through them in the order that you saved them, one page at a time. This makes all that great content you favorited very difficult to reference. To fix this, I’ve added some new filtering features on

Filtering Twitter Favorites

Yesterday, I added two new filters to Twitter favorites: filter by tag and filter by author. Once you import your favorites, you can select any of your top 15 tags or top 10 authors to find related favorites. You can also view any page of favorites so jumping to any favorite is much easier.

To get started, log into using Twitter. Import your favorites (step 3 in the sign up process) and go to your recommendations page. Once there, click on “favorite tweets” in the navigation to go to your Twitter favorites. Happy filtering!

ReStream's Best Content Available Through RSS

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Today, 6 new RSS feeds are available for accessing ReStream’s trending topics from anywhere RSS is available. Subscribe to as many of the feeds as you’d like:

Twitter Growth Strong Despite Increased Competition

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Twitter has received a lot negative publicity lately. The number of new registrations has dropped dramatically over the past couple of months. Despite this, Twitter continues to have an impressive amount of “tweets” or messages sent across its service and it continues to grow.

Last week Twitter crossed the 9 billion tweet mark. Incredible considering Twitter crossed the 5 billion mark just 4 months ago. Averaging over 300 million tweets per week means that Twitter will hit the 10 billion mark at the beginning of March.

Other statistics from the past week:

  • Tweets per week increased of 5% over previous week
  • 47,455,890 Tweets per Day
  • 1,977,329 Tweets per Hour
  • 32,955 Tweets per Minute
  • 549 Tweets per Second

Right now, it takes just over 3 weeks to add 1 billion tweets. Twitter didn’t pass the 1 billion tweet mark until November of 2008. It took them another year to add another 4 billion tweets. At the current pace, they’ll easily add another 12+ billion this year.

Clearly, Twitter is still a very popular service and it is continuing to grow. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll see if they can continue to keep this momentum or if services such as Google Buzz will start to eat away at it’s popularity.

Twitter to Google Buzz Directory

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Help Your Twitter Followers Find You on Google Buzz

Today, we launched a new directory service to help Twitter users connect on Google Buzz. You can search the directory for your favorite Twitter users and find their Google Buzz IDs. Then, instead trying to guess who the correct people are to follow, simply search using the Google ID to find the person you want to connect with. Be sure to add your name so your followers can find you too.

Learn More: Twitter to Google Buzz Directory Service Mobile: The Twitter Discovery Engine Goes Where You Go

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Today is launch day for Mobile. Now you can access the discovery engine from everywhere. Highlight from the new web application include:

  • Filter your Twitter stream based on links and trends
  • Receive’s content recommendations
  • View the most popular content currently being shared on Twitter
  • Highlighted content keeps you updated on what your favorite Twitter users are publishing Mobile is free. You just need a Twitter account to get started.

New Mobile Twitter App for Managing Information Overload

Monday, February 8th, 2010 Mobile is now live! Mobile is almost ready for launch. Soon you will have many of the great filtering and sharing features of every where you go.

Highlights include: Mobile
  • Real-time Twitter Stream: Transforms tweets from your stream into web page titles.
  • Twitter Trends: See what links are trending from your stream.
  • Recommendations: Receive recommendations based on your interests.
  • Most Popular: See the most popular links currently being tracked by
  • FavMe: Just like, you can favorite people. The people you favorite influences the content recommends.
  • Highlights: A highlight area shows recent Tweets from the people you’ve favorited or content recommendations from
  • Tweet, ReTweet, Favorite Tweets, and more…

The mobile web app has been optimized for the iPhone. If you would like to preview this release, please send me an email and I’ll send you a link. If you run into issues using another mobile platform please let me know. I want to make this accessible to everyone but I don’t have other platforms to test on.

Twitter Social Media Account Suspended

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Update: Twitter has apologized for mistakenly suspending the @socialmediafltr account. The account is back up again for those who would like to follow news, articles, and blog posts related to social media. Thank you for your support!

One of the biggest problems with Twitter is that you can’t follow topics. If you want to see all of the social media related tweets on Twitter you can’t. You can follow social media lists but only a small percentage of the tweets are about social media. You can search for hash tags or keywords but these terms aren’t always part of a tweet and there is no guarantee the link actually goes to social media content.

After thinking about this for several months I finally came up with a solution.

Two days ago I created a new Twitter account called socialmediafltr. socialmediafltr leverages the filtering from to create an account which people could follow that retweeted links to social media content. The retweets didn’t change the tweet text at all and they used the old retweet style to give the author ful recognition. In less than 24 hours, with no promotion, it gained a nice number of followers, 60+, and was added to 3 people’s social media lists. Not bad for less than a day.

People found value in following an account focused exclusively on social media content. Unfortunately, Twitter disagreed and suspended the account without notice. It’s not clear why the account was suspended. Most likely it was automatically suspended based on some hard coded criteria that was detected by Twitter’s system. I’m trying to get clarification from Twitter but from what I can tell, the account violated the following spam rule:

“If your updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates”

Personally, I don’t think that these tweets were spam but they weren’t personal updates either. Hopefully, I can get clarification and the account can be turned back on. I’d love to refocus my attention on improving the Twitter experience. If it can’t be turned back on then I’ll look for other ways to provide the same service.

What are your thoughts? Is setting up such an account in violation of Twitter? If so, how is it any different than the thousands of other automated Twitter accounts that don’t post personal updates?

Update: After waiting 5 days to hear back from Twitter on why the account was banned I’ve decided to start over with a new account. I’m not a very patient person and I think it’s crazy to have to wait up to 30 days to find out why my account has been suspended. If you’re interested in following our new Social Media filtered content account, check out (Twitter has reactivate the account. You may follow us at It will have the same information as the old account but with fewer updates per hour to avoid the Twitter bots.

Can Twitter Cross the Chasm?

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Several years ago Geoffrey Moore wrote “Crossing the Chasm”, a fantastic book about why high tech companies need to use different marketing strategies to cross the chasm from the technical literate to the mainstream. In many ways, the same information applies to Twitter.

Since 2007, Twitter has seen a huge surge in the number of people using its service. These numbers were predicted to continue into 2010 but that hasn’t transpired. Instead, Twitter’s growth slowed to a reported 3.5% in October. Not good if you’re Twitter but I think there’s a good reason.

Twitter has enjoyed a lot of success amongst marketing, tech, and media professionals. Even celebrities have jumped on board. This created a huge frenzy but it appears we’ve all been talking inside our own echo chamber – promoting our love of Twitter to people already on Twitter. The mainstream public has failed to jump on board but this doesn’t mean that Twitter is dead in the water. It just means they need to adjust their marketing strategies so they can cross the chasm.

What Can Twitter Do to Cross the Chasm?

  • Make Life Easier for Noobies: When you sign up for an account it is difficult to figure out what to do next. It took me almost a year after I created my Twitter account before I used it. Twitter could help itself out by understanding the interests of new users and suggesting people and lists to follow based on those interests. Get people engaged early and they’ll better understand the hype surrounding Twitter.
  • Why Should I Use Twitter? Perceptions have formed around what Twitter is but until you use it, it’s impossible to understand the benefits. Here’s two examples:
    • Introverts Welcome: There’s a perception that you need to be an extrovert to use Twitter. This is horribly inaccurate. The best part about Twitter is that you can stay on the sidelines. You can follow your favorite author or sports start. You can hear from the people at ground zero of a natural disaster and see what charities are doing to help. Twitter needs to inform people of the benefits of using it’s service even if you don’t post a single Tweet.
    • More than Status Updates: Right now, Twitter is one of the best news sites on the planet. It’s also one of the best ways to find new content to read on topics that interest you. It’s great for getting the inside track on your TV shows, movies, and other entertainment. Unfortunately, a stigma has been attached to Twitter by the mainstream that it’s a bunch of status updates about what someone had for breakfast or when they’re feeding their dog. This couldn’t further from the truth. Again, the benefits need to be more obvious.
  • Better UI: The Twitter UI comes from the early days when we were all supposed to be answering the question “what are you doing”. Twitter is so much more than this and the Twitter UI needs to reflect it.
  • Build Microsites: Why not have a Twitter news site? How about a sports fan site? Twitter should leverage it’s own stream to build sites on topics that interest the mainstream public. The mainstream doesn’t know 1% of the information flowing through Twitter on a daily basis. Show them what they’re missing.
  • Move Beyond Text: People like to share photos and videos. There are Twitter apps for this but the mainstream public doesn’t know. Expand the service to use other media and make it easy to share with people who don’t use Twitter. They’ll see the benefits of the service and sign up for their own account.

There are many ways which Twitter can regain it’s growth but it’s clear that it’s marketing strategies need to change to expand beyond it’s current user base and into the mainstream public. Twitter has time to make this happen but it needs to do so soon while it still has the momentum.