Internet Marketers: Quickly and Easily Ensure Your Twitter Posts Are Getting Results

Manage and Track Twitter Campaigns with Marketing for Mavens

Today, we launched a new feature which allows you to manage and track your Twitter campaigns in Marketing for Mavens. Now you can post your tweets within the Marketing for Mavens application and have your links automatically tagged for tracking so you know which tweets referred the most people to your site and what resources they were interested in. Further, campaign promotions can be setup so that each person who responds through Twitter will see promotions that correspond to your posts.

How Do Twitter Campaigns Work?

First, go to the setting page and edit your account. Two new fields have been added for your twitter login and password. This is the Twitter account your Twitter Campaigns will post to.

Second, create a new campaign and select “twitter’ from the campaign type drop down box. Now, go into your new Twitter Campaign, you will be presented with a section called “Post Tweets” which contains two fields. One field for entering your 140 character Twitter post and a second for shortening and adding tracking code to your links.

Once you finish writing your tweet, simply click on the “Post to Twitter” button and your post will be submitted and tracked in real time.

Complete History of Twitter Posts

A complete history of all your Twitter posts can be seen from the campaign view. Each post has a visit total associated with it so you can see which posts drove the most visitors to your web site.

Who Did Twitter Send Our Way and What Did They Want?

Each visitor who comes to your web site from a Twitter Campaign is listed in the campaign view. Clicking on each visitor will give a complete history of what pages and resources they were interested in when they came to your web site.

How Do I Get Started?

Twitter Campaigns are available now as part of the free Marketing for Mavens beta. Sign up today and see how well your Twitter posts are driving people to your web site.

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