Tracking Web Site Visitors: Visits vs. Visitors

There are several basic web site statistics you should know. The first one we’re going to review is visitor statistics.

Visitor stats tell you how many people have come to your web site. As the popularity of your site grows and your site shows up in more search results, more people will come to your site. This gives you a good guage as to how well your site is performing over time.

It is important to know that there are two different visitor statistics, visits and visitors. They mean very different things. Visitors is the number of unique people who come to your web site over a certain period of time. Visits is the number of times people visited your web site. For example, if 5 people come to your site over the course of the day, this is considered 5 visitors. Now lets say 2 of those people visited your site twice that day. This would still be 5 visitors but the number of visits would be 7.

Marketing for Mavens tracks both of these stats for you. The dashboard view shows you the number of visits you’ve received over the past year and past week. It also show you the number of visits you are on pace for the current day. This gives you quick glimpse into how well your site is performing over time and if you’re on track to continue this performance.

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