Twitter Social Media Account Suspended

Update: Twitter has apologized for mistakenly suspending the @socialmediafltr account. The account is back up again for those who would like to follow news, articles, and blog posts related to social media. Thank you for your support!

One of the biggest problems with Twitter is that you can’t follow topics. If you want to see all of the social media related tweets on Twitter you can’t. You can follow social media lists but only a small percentage of the tweets are about social media. You can search for hash tags or keywords but these terms aren’t always part of a tweet and there is no guarantee the link actually goes to social media content.

After thinking about this for several months I finally came up with a solution.

Two days ago I created a new Twitter account called socialmediafltr. socialmediafltr leverages the filtering from to create an account which people could follow that retweeted links to social media content. The retweets didn’t change the tweet text at all and they used the old retweet style to give the author ful recognition. In less than 24 hours, with no promotion, it gained a nice number of followers, 60+, and was added to 3 people’s social media lists. Not bad for less than a day.

People found value in following an account focused exclusively on social media content. Unfortunately, Twitter disagreed and suspended the account without notice. It’s not clear why the account was suspended. Most likely it was automatically suspended based on some hard coded criteria that was detected by Twitter’s system. I’m trying to get clarification from Twitter but from what I can tell, the account violated the following spam rule:

“If your updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates”

Personally, I don’t think that these tweets were spam but they weren’t personal updates either. Hopefully, I can get clarification and the account can be turned back on. I’d love to refocus my attention on improving the Twitter experience. If it can’t be turned back on then I’ll look for other ways to provide the same service.

What are your thoughts? Is setting up such an account in violation of Twitter? If so, how is it any different than the thousands of other automated Twitter accounts that don’t post personal updates?

Update: After waiting 5 days to hear back from Twitter on why the account was banned I’ve decided to start over with a new account. I’m not a very patient person and I think it’s crazy to have to wait up to 30 days to find out why my account has been suspended. If you’re interested in following our new Social Media filtered content account, check out (Twitter has reactivate the account. You may follow us at It will have the same information as the old account but with fewer updates per hour to avoid the Twitter bots.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by cwills: Twitter suspended my @socialmediafltr account. Would love to hear opinions on this. Thank you!