Banned Again From Twitter

Update: Our account is back. Twitter got back to us much quicker than before. Just a few days instead of several weeks. We’ve modified @ReStreamAlerts to send out updates 4 times a day instead of hourly. Hopefully this change and a few others currently in the works will prevent the suspension bot from hitting us.

Original: I’d like to apologize to our ReStream users who used our service to stay informed on their favorite topics. Twitter has suspended our account, @ReStreamAlerts, which we used to notify you of new content that matched your interests.¬†We didn’t receive a notification from Twitter before our account was banned and have not received a response since appealing the suspension on Tuesday. Last time we had an account banned, it took several weeks before we received a response saying that it was banned in error.

What’s most frustrating about this ban is that we used @ReStreamAlerts for 7 months without any issues. I suspect that Twitter has changed their algorithm for auto-banning. I created a backup account called @ReStreamAlert to use while I waited for our old account to be reinstated. Just hours after setting up this backup account, it too was suspended without notification.

As a developer I’m tired of these antics. I’m tired of the ReStream login being inaccessible for several hours at a time because Twitter is unable to keep up with their traffic. If you see a fail whale it usually mean that you can’t log into 3rd party Twitter apps. Now a key piece of our application has been shut down without notification and what’s sure to be several weeks without an explanation from Twitter. I’ll continue to support ReStream as it’s a passion of mine but I won’t be building any more dedicated Twitter applications. There’s too much risk, the platform is too unreliable, and the banning of accounts without notification is ridiculous. It’s too bad because it’s a fantastic service.

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