What Are People Looking for on Your Site?

Do you know what pages people are visiting? Do you know what your most popular content is?

One basic but important statistic that every web site owner should be aware of is what pages are receiving the most traffic. You need to know what people are looking for on your web site and you should never assume that you already know.

When people come to your site, they are driven by different motives. They have their own agendas and there are several reasons why one page is receiving more page views then another. You need to take into consideration what pages are linking to your high ranking pages. If you have a great page that is relevant to your audience and it’s not performing well, it could be because it is too many levels deep within your site. Page location is important along with other criteria such as how long the page has been live, has it been indexed by search engines, are there other site linking directly to this page.

Top page tracking is a simple statistic but it increases in complexity as you start to look inside the numbers. Take your time when analyzing this stat and don’t assume that the first numbers you see tell the whole story.

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