Why Web Site Lead Tracking is Important

Many applications that track web site statistics, track them at a macro level. This helps you see the big picture but you miss some important details.

One of those important details is lead tracking. Lead tracking helps you understand how close a potential visitor is to becoming a lead. As a person navigates your web site, the pages they visit and the content they view gives you detail into their interests and tells how likely they are to buy your products or services. For example, people downloading or viewing demos have a higher probability of becoming a lead.

In addition to knowing how interested each visitor is in your products and services, you also see how well your site generates interest in your company. If a majority of your leads are “cold” then your content isn’t matching your visitors. However, if you find that many of your visitors are “hot” then your content is inline with visitor expectation. Lead tracking helps you to better understand your web site performance. If you’re not tracking this information, you have no idea if your content is inline with the people visiting your site.

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