Become a Web Maven

The Marketing for Mavens membership is for webmasters, internet marketers, web developers, and content marketers who want to know how well their web site is performing, respond to their visitor needs, and deliver a web site experience that surpasses their visitor’s expectations.

Members Receive

As a member you will have access to Web Maven, our Internet marketing management application, and Web Traffic Watch, our near real-time traffic monitoring application. These applications combine to give you:

Recommendation System

Our recommendation system matches content to your visitors based on their behaviour and the behaviour of similar visitors. Deliver a customized user experience without needing a complex content management system or throwing away your existing site.

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Set goals and track the results of your Internet marketing campaigns. Each campaign shows you exactly who visited, what pages they viewed, the types of content they viewed, and whether they completed one or more forms on your site. Now you know which campaigns are performing the best and which need to be refined or retired.

Web Site Dashboard

Know how well your web site is performing with the Marketing for Mavens dashboard view. See how well your site is performing during the current day, which campaigns visitors are coming from, what pages they are visiting, and what sites are referring them.

Visitor Profiles

View profiles of each individual visitor coming to your site. See what pages they viewed, what forms they completed, the types of content they downloaded, what web site referred them to your site, and what search words they may have used. Know how people are finding you and why.

Internet Marketing Report

View the report page and see how well your site has performed over the past 6 months. You can compare the performance of your site promotions and call to actions and track your blogs RSS feed to see if the number of blog posts is causing spikes in your traffic.

Web Traffic Watch

Web Traffic Watch allows you to view your visitors in real-time. See what pages each person is viewing and where they go next, what site referred them to you, what search words they used, and their lead status. This services is currently available in a separate beta. For more information on Web Traffic Watch see our blog.

Community Membership and Online Consulting

We recently opened our new internet marketing community site for our members to ask questions and to discuss our tools. We’ll be actively participating in this forum so ask any web related questions that you may have.

Why is our membership free?

Currently, our applications are in beta. They work well but are rough around the edges. We are giving away our membership for free so we can generate more feedback on our applications while finding and eliminating more bugs in less time.

The free membership is our reward to you for helping us. In the end, we’re confident that the value you receive will lead you to recommend our service to others who will sign up for our paid membership in the future.

Join today and get started building a better web site that maximizes your return on your investment.