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RL’s. These URL’s are tracked on a per visitor basis using cookies. If you do not want this information logged with Marketing for Mavens, please use your browser to block our cookie. This will vary by browser but this article will get you started or feel free to email me and I’ll assist you personally.

This site also uses forms to send your email address to the Marketing for Mavens web application. This is done when you complete the beta form on This data is only used to help us better promote web content to you as an individual. It is not used in way to further communicate with you outside of

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If you wish to have your email address permenantly removed from the Marketing for Mavens web application, including any other site that uses this application, please email me at and your email address will be permenantly removed from our database and will be stored in our opt-out database preventing your personal information from being acquired again through any means.