How do I create a new promotion?

Marketing for Mavens offers 3 types of promotions; tags, visits, and individual. Before you create a new promotion you need to decide what type of promotion it is going to be.

Tag promotions are designed to match a specific promotion to a visitor based on the pages they’ve visited on your web site.

Visit promotions show different content based on the number of visits a person makes to your web site. For instance, the first time someone visits your site you may want a home page promotion that explains what your company does. Then for all subsequent visits, you can change the promotion to go into more detail about your products, events, and services.

Individual promotions are created on the citizen profile pages. These promotions are show to the specific visitor you choose the next time they come to your web site.

Step 1

Once you have selected the type of promotion you want to run, you will need to create a new promotion spot, a space on your web page(s), that will display these promotions. Go to the “Promotion” tab and click on the “create new” button to create a new promotion spot.

Step 2: Creating a New Promotion Spot

Fill out the form to create your promotion spot.

Promotion Spot: Enter a short description of where your promotion is on your site. This will help you later when you are running several different promotions and you want to know where each promotion is used on your site. Example: Home Page – Main Promotion

DIV Tag Name: The name of the <div> tag you placed or will place in your html code where your content/promotion will be displayed. The name you place here will also need to be the name of you <div> tag. Example: <div id=”main_promo”></div>

Type: The type of promotion you want to run

Click on the create promotion button to build your new promotion spot.

Step 3: Create Your Promotions

Click on the “view promotions” link in your new promotion spot listing. Next click on the “add a new promotion” button.

Title: Short description of your promotion. Example: Email Sign Up

Content: The html code you want to display on your web site. This code will be placed in the <div> tag you added to your html code.

Tags: The tags associated with this promotion. The tags you add here will control who sees this promotion. If you tag your promotion “web marketing” and a visitor has visited pages on your site that have also been tagged “web marketing” then they will see this promotion. If you have multiple promotions with the same tag then they will be displayed randomly to this visitor. If you leave the tag field blank, visitors that don’t have tags associated with them will see these promotions.

Track Links: A tracking code will be added to the links in your promotion so you can see click throughs on each promotion.

Default: Is this the default promotion for this promotion spot? Each promotion spot needs a default promotion that will be displayed to visitors who don’t have tags associated with them yet or have tags associated with them that don’t match the tags of the promotions in this promotion spot.

Click the “create new promotion” button.

What’s Next

Make sure you’ve added the <div> tag for this promotion to your html code. You will also need to add the “web site code” script shown on the promotion spot page.

Example: <script>getPromotionFeed(“0000000000000000000″);</script>

This needs to be added after the Marketing for Mavens JavaScript code you added to your web site footer when you setup your account. This code retrieves your promotion html code and displays it in your <div> tag.