Settings Help

The settings page was designed to help you tweak the Marketing for Mavens application to your needs.

Citizen Lead Color Coding

Lead color coding helps you identify the “hot” leads on your web site. Each color code (blue, green, yellow, orange, and red) has a point value associated with it to help make this determination. Points are assigned per URL on the Web Tracking Page. Each citizens point total is added up based on the URL’s they visit and the points you’ve assigned to them. We set a default value for this point system but if you find that the values don’t accurately reflect the quality of the lead, you can reassign the point values here.

JavaScript Page Code

The JavaScript Page Code is the code that should be placed at the bottom of each web page you want Marketing for Mavens to track. This code is provided to you during the Getting Started tutorial and is available on the Settings page for future reference.

Add Your Web Site StyleSheet

Adding the stylesheet for your web site allows you to preview your promotions in Marketing for Mavens using the styles from your web site. This won’t be 100% accurate in all instances but it will give you a good idea as to what your promotion will look like.

Track RSS Feed in Reports

Tracking RSS feeds allows you to see if there is any correlation between the number of blog posts, events, or anything else you may track in an RSS feed and the number of conversions you receive on your web site.