Recommendation System

Match Your Content to Your Visitors

The Marketing for Mavens Recommendation System is where content, visitors, and time converge. The recommendation system analyzes each visitor and determines what content to display based on their history and previous visitors with similar attributes.

There are several advantages to the Marketing for Mavens Recommendation System.

  • Personalization: Each visitor receives a personalized experienced based on their needs. Promotions, content, and suggestions are shown based on the individual giving a customized experience to everyone.
  • Based on Real Data: The promotions people see are based on real data and not on gut feelings, plus you can share real estate on your web pages. One location can show multiple promotions with each individually matched based on the visitor.
  • Maintenance: You setup sections of your web pages to display recommended content. Once setup, Web Maven, our Internet marketing web app, automatically display the best content.

Start customizing your web site today. Become a Marketing for Mavens member and see how our recommendation system can transform your web site.